Tap the Biggest Hidden Book Market!

by Nancy Humphreys on April 22, 2011

Libraries are a HUGE market. According to the American Library Association factsheet #1 for 2011, there are 122,101 libraries in the United States.

These libraries buy all kinds of books: print, large-type print books, ebooks, audiobooks, and even PDF books.

Libraries spend billions of dollars on books each year.

The Library Market

The largest library market is school libraries (grades K-12). School libraries number 99,180.

Every state, every county, and almost every city in America has a public library. Public libraries number 9,221.

There are 3,827 college and university libraries in the U.S.

In addition there are 8,476 private and non-profit libraries devoted to particular specialties.

The Opportunities

Suppose you sold your book to just one percent of all libraries in the US? That would be 1,221 copies of your book. Suppose you could market your book to ten percent of all libraries. That would be 12,210 copies of your book!

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