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Wordmaps blog site has three major content areas, all related to book indexing.

  1. Indexing
  2. Self-publishing
  3. Marketing

How to use the Indexing section of Wordmaps site

Are you wondering whether you should index your own book? See why that’s a really bad idea!

My style guide to cookbook indexes is a classic, used for decades. You’ll see six sizzling cookbook index styles on this page. Note that the first two styles are used for almost all indexes. You can use one of these two styles for whatever kind of book you have.

Indexer FAQs cover how to hire an indexer. These include the pricing of indexes, how to choose and contact an indexer, and how to use your index for marketing.

Look at my list of my clients for an inkling of how many major American book publishers no longer exist.

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In The Bottom Line, you’ll learn why an index is one of your strongest sales tools for your book.

Self-publishing and  marketing sections of Wordmaps site


Over the past decade my indexing services have been increasingly called upon by authors. Now, self-publishers are outnumbering the number of authors with publishers. This section of Wordmaps is for you if you are thinking whether to go with a publisher or self-publish your book. Perhaps the Author’s Tales of other self-publishers will inspire you.

You’ll learn how to tell if  POD is right for you and how digital book indexing works too.


Indexing in intrinsically connected not only with book development but also with book marketing. This section of Wordmaps will introduce you to the Biggest Hidden Book Market in the US and give you a tip about the best way to use your index to market your book.

About Me

Under the About me tab, you’ll find my resume and several articles that I’ve published about indexing and indexers, books, and libraries that I’ve published. You can also see a list of books indexed by Nancy K. Humphreys.

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