Sell Your Book with Your Blog!

Every book needs a home(page) of its own

In my opinion, no matter how you plan to sell your book, every serious book needs a search-engine-optimized web page of its own.

This can be an entire WordPress blog site devoted just to your book, or a page about your professional services as well.

Even if you are selling your book on Amazon or your publisher is selling your book, a separate online site where you can give out even more information about your book and yourself can create more sales on Amazon. Just be sure to optimize your site so search engines can find it! Don’t just create an Author page on Amazon; create an Author page on your own for your book.

Here are some things you can do with your own page for your book. You can sell your book through it. You can link to online sellers of your book, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and/or on smaller specialty-book distribution sites. That way you control where your visitors will purchase your book.

On your site, you can offer a “Review Copies” button on the navigation bar. This page will be where book reviewers can contact you about reviewing your book. Book reviews are essential in marketing a book to libraries and important for selling copies of your book to individuals.

Include a cover shot of your book, and think about adding a video “book trailer” or podcast to your site too!

Set up your own online bookstore

A good way to sell a book using your index is to put a copy of your index on your book’s web site. You can also show prospective buyers your table of contents on your site.

For an example, see this table of contents  from my bookMarketing Your Book to Libraries: An insider’s Guide for Authors. 

You too can do what Amazon does with its “Look Inside!” feature.  Just take a screenshot of a PDF file of each page of your index or table of contents. Then upload the the images of those PDF pages to your site. On a blog site, you can do this in only minutes. 

Are you considering selling your book to libraries? Check out my book on my web site!

The power of your own blog site command center

If you have a blog on your site that supports your book, your blog posts can be automatically linked (using blog “plug-ins”) to a variety of social media sites.

You don’t need to do anything except provide your readers with interesting material from your new book. Your blog site will tweet, post messages, and send out links for you. Social networking through your blog site is a quick and easy way to let people know about your book and what it can do to make their lives better.

If you’re a self-publisher or thinking of becoming a self-publisher, one of the chief reasons to set up your own blogsite book store might be to capture information about people who are interested in your book. You can collect comments, complaints, and kudos with your dite.

A well-designed web site with “free-stuff” incentives promotional campaign will get people to sign up with their names and email addresses.

You’ll use that mailing list for your keep in touch” marketing campaign for your book (and services if you offer them!). Your book marketing can include a newsletter or periodic announcements of new free products, services, and even an event, such as a book signing or appearance at a local library, school, or university.

In this way, when you publish another new book, you’ll already have a large list of fans likely to buy it!

Good luck and best wishes!