The Biggest Book Market

The biggest US book market is hidden — in plain sight!

The biggest market for books in the US is bigger than all of our brick and mortar bookstores. It’s bigger than and any other online bookstores too. The biggest market in the US is libraries!

Getting your book into libraries doesn’t “just happen”. Libraries have distribution companies that serve only them. Publishers are hooked into this distribution network.  That is how they sell to libraries. But even if you have a publisher, you can still sell far more books using a direct mail campaign aimed at the librarians who are most likely to buy your book.

If you are a self-publisher and you want to make a lot of sales in the biggest book market, you must actively market your book to librarians.

Marketing to libraries begins long before you finish your book.

If you want to sell as many copies as you can to libraries, make sure that certain things are in your book and other things are not. My new 153 page PDF book, Market Your Book To Libraries: An Insider’s Guide for Authors, is your guide to doing just that!

If you want to sell to libraries, it doesn’t matter what kind of book you have. It doesn’t matter what format it is in, whether you have a publisher or not, or who you are writing for. What does matter are the four proven strategies in my book.

Even if you have a publisher, you will make additional sales to libraries by using these strategies. Publishers’ marketing techniques can be ineffective, and they barely scratch the surface of the huge library market.

Think self-publishers can’t market to libraries?

Do you suppose you have to wait until your book garners enough sales to get a publisher before librarians will look at your book? Not at all! Librarians will buy self-published books that fit their acquisitions guidelines. I’ll show you how to identify which librarians would be most likely to buy your book and how to get their attention.

You can market to libraries.

This is the bottom line. Even if you’ve written ebook, an audiobook, a video book, a graphic novel, or you put together your print book by yourself, you can market it to libraries. As a self-publisher, you will have some challenges, and I will share with you ways to handle them.

Libraries can help you promote your work too.

You can a give book talk or even have your book party at your local library! Learn how to get your books reviewed by librarians. Learn how to get information about where to promote your book with a targeted direct mail campaign to selected libraries. Find out how and where to get your new book reviewed in the hundreds of magazines libraries carry. Book reviews are a key tool for librarians, and they should be for you too!

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