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Begin Selling Your Book Before You Publish It!

If you’re a self-publisher, it’s absolutely vital to begin marketing  as soon as you dream of publishing. You do not have a publisher to rely on for even the minimal amount of marketing assistance.

Even if you have a publisher you’ll need to promote your own book if you want to get it out to the widest audience. Why?

  • Your publisher’s expertise is in production and distribution, not marketing.
  • Online bookstores far exceed the number and size of brick & mortar bookstores.
  • There is an even bigger hidden book market in the US your publisher may not fully reach.

Even if you’re an author with a publisher you can dramatically increase sales by DIY marketing!

The best way to sell anything

But the most important reason to begin marketing early is a well-known rule of thumb: word-of-mouth is the best way to sell anything! This is why you can market online, via traditional bookstores and to libraries, and not be “selling against yourself”.

And a study sponsored by Library Journal, the premier book review journal for librarians, and discussed by Publisher’s Weekly, the most widely-read magazine about the book industry, showed that 50 percent of public library patrons purchase books by authors they discover in the library.

People rely on different venues for hearing about books. Even inside a particular kind of bookstore or library, there are ways to sell your book in different formats to different audiences.

Spreading the word about your book will take time, lots of time. If you can, start spreading the word even before you sit down to write your book!

What’s next for you?

Have you finished your book already? Are you just now realizing you need to market your book? Are you floundering trying to figure out what to do?

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