Self-Publishing: Is It Still “Vanity” Publishing?

Not these days it isn’t! Self-publishing, not vanity press publishing, is where serious authors are going. Thanks to new technologies and the web, a whole new frontier of book publishing is opening up. You have more choices as an author now than authors ten years ago could ever imagine. For a visual “map” of this change, note the different sides of my Author Choices Mindmap. The left side of this mindmap shows the world of traditional publishers; the right side of the mindmap shows the world of 21st century publishing.

In addition to more choices, you also have more challenges. The mushrooming of self-published books means more competition for all authors. Over 1 million books are published every year in the United States alone. Traditional-publisher “imprints” have served as a “stamp of approval” for buyers of books to count on. If you self-publish, you won’t have a publishing house seal of approval. To make up for that, you’ll need patience and persistence in writing and designing you book for the particular book market(s) you want to sell it to.

Traditional publishers also provide many book production and distribution services to authors. If you’re on your own, you’ll need to find help to publish and sell your book.  Granted, many publishers have eliminated services they used to provide their authors (such as proofreading and copyediting). But what publishers still do for authors can take up as much of your time as actually writing your book.

New blog site about book production and marketing

The good news is that the web provides an easy way to find professionals who offer the services you may need to get your book published. Artists, designers, layout specialists, editors, proofreaders, virtual author’s assistants, indexers, printers, digital book formatters, marketers, PR specialists, writing coaches, and book distributors are all out there. I’ll be blogging about these people on my new site,

When you explore that site, you’ll learn more about the options, challenges, and solutions you’ll need to know about as a self-publisher. Click here to read about your options for self-publishing: print, POD, PDF, ebook, and/or audiobook. In the left sidebar on this page, you’ll find a list of professional services you may need to use for creating and marketing your book. Your “Dream Team” of self-employed professionals can make your dreams of selling your book come true.

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