How Will Your Book Fit Into This Picture?

where will your book fit in this picture

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Are you confused by the array of choices available for publishing, marketing, and distributing your book?

Everything is changing so fast, even back-of-the-book indexers are perplexed! Here’s some of the changes that we have all seen taking place over the past few years.

2008  Print on Demand (POD) skyrocketed!

Bowker Reports U.S. book production declines 3%, but “Print on Demand” publishing more than doubles.

285,394 Print on Demand books were produced, a staggering 132% increase over last year’s final total of 123,276 titles.

2009  Self-publishing exploded!

Publishers Weekly announced that an amazing 764,448 books were published in 2009 by “self-publishers” and micro-niche publishers.

During the same period, traditional book publishers released 288,355 titles, down from the 2008 numbers.

2010 Ebooks grew faster than print books!

Ebook publishing has increased by 200% over the past year. Ebooks now make up 6% of the US book market. Digital book sales more than doubled, to $27,400,000 from a year earlier.

2011 Screens bloomed as a popular mode of reading!

The iPad caught on like wildfire and spawned a host of other new tablets from computer companies. The ibookstore and Google Books began nipping at’s heels. And more and more people are reading boooks on their cellphones and mobiles. Don’t think this isn’t going to change the book publishing industry!

The Future of Publishing

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