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Global Publishing Inc. – Is It About To Take Over the World? 

by Nancy K. Humphreys

Confused about publishing options for your books or your clients’ book(s)? Thinking about whether to go for a publisher or self-publish? Trying to decide between a small press publisher or a large publisher? Wondering whether you should do it yourself or go to a print-on-demand publisher? Trying to decide if you should do an e-book? Or an audiobook?  Want to know whether your book fits with any of these book publishing options?

You need to know how 21st century publishing works.
Once you understand what has happened and is happening to the traditional book publishing industry, you’ll have a better idea whether or when to seek out a mainstream publisher. You’ll also have a good idea of why self-publishing is now a viable alternative and is no longer called “vanity publishing.”

You can find the best way for you to create, promote, and distribute your book.
If you understand the publishing business as a whole, you’ll see better how and where to market your book. In this report you’ll get an overview of the new options for marketing and find out where the best place is to go for information about book promotion.

The publishing business has changed enormously during this century, and it’s likely to change even more over the next ten years.Find out how and use that information to write and publish your book.

Each part of this report looks at a specific time period, 2000-2004;
2005-2009; and the possibilities for the 2010s.

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