How I Work

When you hire any professional, you pay for their quality education, experience, and equipment. You pay for temperament too. We indexers must have a penchant for fine detail, yet we also need to be able understand the essential message of books on a wide array of subjects. Curiosity is another trait I share with other professional indexers.


I usually charge by the number of pages to be indexed. The specific page-rate quoted for your index depends on many factors. Click here to see a list of Cost Factors for Indexes.

Before I can give you an estimate, I will ask for a few representative pages of your book so I can see what is needed. My index estimates are free.


I use a special software for indexing (CINDEX). It outputs your index into a Word document, HTML or other file-type you might need. This software speeds up my indexing process immeasurably.

For ebooks, I will refer you to a professional digital formatter. He has a program that links your index entries with the text in the digital file for your book. I also make free referrals to other kinds of publishing experts you might need.


When you choose to use my indexing services, I send a standard indexing contract. This contract includes my specifications sheet for formatting your index.


I require a deposit before indexing work begins. After the indexing process is complete, I send an invoice for the remainder owed. Full payment is due upon receipt of that invoice. My invoicing system is Freshbooks. I accept checks and PayPal payments.

If you’re interested, call me today for a free consultation! 415-462-1844.

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If you have not already seen it, your may find it helpful to check out my Indexer FAQs before you contact me. Also, take look at the column on the left side of this page. You’ll find my “Ten Tips for Getting a Better Index”.

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Nancy K. Humphreys, Wordmaps  Indexing