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Annuals and Periodicals
Biography and Commemorative Events
Business and Labor Economics
Careers and Job Search
Catalogs and Sales Guides
College Textbooks
Computer Software Guides
Computer Programming
Library Reference Books
Scholarly Books
Collected Works in Economics

Annuals and Periodicals

Black Music Research Journal, vols. 18 – 26 (1999 – 2008)

Legal Trends (2005, 2006, 2008, 2009)

Morrison/Foerster Attorney and Staff Employee Benefits Handbooks (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003)

PacAdvantage Employer and Employee Handbooks (2003)

Technology Solutions: 70 Case Studies of Computers in Business (special issue of Ziff-Davis Publish, 1991)

Women Library Workers’ Journal, 1987-1990 (editor-in-chief)

Biography and Commemorative Events

Apple Confidential: The Real Story of Apple Computer Inc. (1999)

Arthur Court Designs: 35 Years of Innovation (1999) [This book was nominated for a Book Publishers West Design Award.]

Henry M. (Scoop) Jackson (1999)

National Association of Negro Musicians (NANM): Documentary History (2004)

The Paypal Wars (2004)

The San Diego Bay Star Fleet: 1925 to the Present Day: A Seventy-Five Year History, 2 vols (2007)

Western Amerykanski : Polish Poster Art & the Western (1999)

Business and Labor Economics

Bargaining for Competitiveness: Law, Research and Case Studies (2003)

Bidding for Business: The Efficacy of Local Economic Development Incentives in a Metropolitan Area (2000)

Counting Working-Age People with Disabilities (2009)

Decline in Employment of People with Disabilities (2003)

Do Community Colleges Respond to Local Needs? (2007)

Does Trickle-Down Work? Economic Development Strategies and Job Chains in Local Labor Markets (2004)

The Economics of Sports (2000)

Job Training Policy in the United States (2004)

International Trade and Labor Markets (2003)

Labor, Business, and Change in Germany and the United States (2001)

Labor Exchange Services (2004)

Labor Standards in the United States and Canada (2003)

Labor Market Experience of Workers with Disabilities: The ADA and Beyond (2003)

Leaving Welfare: Employment and Well-Being of Families that Left Welfare in the Post-Entitlement Era (2004)

Legal U.S. Immigration (2000) [The publisher, W.E. Upjohn Institute, nominated this index for the H.W. Wilson Award.]

Nonstandard Work in Developed Countries (2003)

Social Security and the Stock Market (2006)

Start-Up Factories: High Performance Management, Job Quality, and Regional Advantage (2002)

Targeting Employment Services (2002)

Topics in Unemployment Insurance Financing (1998)

Training that Works (2003)

When Is [Communist] Transition Over? (1999)

Who Really Made Your Car? Restructuring and Geographic Change in the Auto Industry (2008)

Working Time in Comparative Perspective, 2 volumes (2001)

Careers and Job Search

Diary of a Job Search [from] (2003)

45 Effective Ways for Hiring Smart (1998)

Games Companies Play [Pierre Mornell] (2000)

High-Tech Careers for Low-Tech People (1999)

Nice Job: The Guide to Cool, Odd, Risky and Gruesome Ways to Make a Living (1999)

Catalogs and Sales Guides

Arthur Court Designs Sales Catalog (annual, 2001-2009)

HP Indigo Presses w3200 and s2000/w2000 Sales Guides (2002)

College Textbooks

Applying Ethics: A Text with Readings (1998)

Cognitive Psychology (1998)

College Mathematics and Algebra, CD-ROM and manuals (4 vols. each for instructors and students, 2000)

Conducting Research in Psychology: Measuring the Weight of Smoke (1998)

Discreet Mathematics with Applications (1990)

Essentials of Statistics: A Tool for Social Research – Healey (2007)

Fundamentals of Biostatistics (1999) and (2005)

Human Behavior in the Social Environment (1997)

Illustrated Internet Research – Course Guide (2002)

Introducing Generalist [Social Work] Practice: The Generalist Intervention Model (2001)

Mathematical Statistics, Wackerley, 6th edition (2001)

QSO: The Mathematics and Physics of Quasi-Spherical Orbits (2009)

Statistics Unplugged, Caldwell (2003)

Women’s Lives: Multicultural Perspectives, 3rd ed. (2003)

Computer Software Guides

The BlenderBook[animation software], (2000)

The Book of IRC (2000)

The Book of Linux Music and Sound (2000)

The Book of SCSI (2000)

The Book of Zope (2001)

Juno: Free E-Mail and More (1998)

Linux Problem Solver (2000)

The Little Red Book of Adobe LiveMotion (2001)

The No B.S. Guide to Red Hat Linux (2000)

No B.S. Guide to Windows NT 4.0 (1997)

Opera 5.x Book: Browsing the Web with Speed and Style (2001)

WordPerfect: Secrets, Solutions, Shortcuts (1988)

Computer Programming

Beginning C++ (1998)

Beginning Java (1997)

The Book of JavaScript (2000)

Definitive Guide to Swing for Java 2 (1999)

Dynamic HTML (1997)

Pro DCOM Application Development (1998)

Professional ATL COM Programming (1998)

Professional Outlook 2000 Programming (2000)

Scriptlets Workbook (1999)

Win32 API Puzzle Book and Tutorial for Visual Basic Programmers (1999)


The Bombay Cafe Cookbook (1998)

Bruce Aidells’ Complete Sausage Book (2000)

The Great Book of Pears (2000)

Honest Pretzels [children’s cookbook by Molly Katzen] (1999)

Insalata’s Mediterranean Table (2009)

La Bella Vita Cookbook (2003)

A Literary Feast:  Recipes and Writings by American Women Authors from History (2003)

Savoring Savannah: Feasts from the Low Country (2001)

Sharing the [Wente] Vineyard Table (1999)

The Wicca Cookbook (2000)

Wildwood: Cooking from the Source in the Pacific Northwest (2000)


Accelerate: High Leverage Leadership for Today’s World (2010)

Active Woman’s Guide to Pregnancy (2004)

Astronomer’s Computer Companion (1999)

Author’s Guide for Wadsworth Press (1987)

Be The Media (2009)

Conquering the College Admissions Essay in 10 Steps (2008)

Disneyland Detective (2004)

Getting Action: How to Petition Government and Get Results (2002)

Grandma Online: A Grandmother’s Guide to the Internet (2001)

The Grown-Up’s Guide to Running Away from Home (1998)

Live Free from Asthma And Allergies (2007)

Ministry Among God’s Queer Folk: LGBT Pastoral Care (2007)

Mushrooms of Hawai’i: An Identification Guide (2002)

Opening the Lotus: A Woman’s Guide to Buddhism (1998)

Opening Your Doors to Hollywood: How to Get Rich By Turning Your Property Into a Movie Set! (2006)

The Packing Book: Secrets of the Carry-On Traveler, 3rd ed. (1998)

The Teen Spell Book: Magick for Young Witches (2001)

Travellers U.S.A. & Canada – Survival Kit (1985)

A Woman’s Guide to Cycling (1998)

Library Reference Books

American Women’s Magazines: An Annotated Historical Guide [wrote and indexed] (Garland, 1989)

Happenings: Developing Successful Programs for School Libraries (1987) [my first paid index]

Learning about the Holocaust: A Student’s Guide, 4 vols. (2000) [Booklist Reference Book Bulletin awarded this set its Editor’s Choice Reference Title Award for 2001 and 2002.]

Marin Institute Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Thesaurus (1991) [editor-in chief]

Twentieth Century Architecture, 3 vols. (2004)

The Underground Economy: An Annotated Bibliography [wrote and indexed] (Vantage CompuBibs series, 1986)

A Women’s Thesaurus: An Index of Language Used to Describe and Locate Information by and about Women (contributor, 1987)


The American Nation: Primary Sources

Catching Sense: African American Communities on a South Carolina Sea Island (1996)

Commerce and Government: Considered in their Mutual Relationship [The Abbe de Condillac] (2007)

Commerce, Culture & Liberty: Readings on Capitalism before Adam Smith (2003)

Emerson, Romanticism, and Intuitive Reason: The Transatlantic “Light of All Our Day” (2005)

Enlightened Democracy: The Case for The Electoral College (2004)

Lectures on the Relation between Law & Public Opinion in England during the Nineteenth Century (A.V. Dicey)

Minutemen: The Battle To Secure America’s Borders (2006)

Quakers in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Dilemmas of NGO Humanitarian Activism (2007)

The Revolutionary Writings of Alexander Hamilton (2008)

Sacred Rights of Conscience: Selected Readings on Religious Liberty and Church-State Relations in the American Founding

Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine (2005)

Turning the Wheel: American Women Creating the New Buddhism (1993)

Western Amerykanski : Polish Poster Art & the Western (1999)

Zen Baggage: A Pilgrimage to China (2008, 2010 paperback)

Collected Works in Economics

The Collected Works of Armen A. Alchien (2006)
Volume 1:  Choice and Cost Under Uncertainty
Volume 2:  Property Rights and Economic Behavior

The Collected Works of Henry G Manne (2009)
Volume 1:  The Economics of Corporations and Corporate Law
Volume 2:  Insider Trading
Volume 3:  Liberty and Freedom in the Economic Ordering of Society

Selected Works of Gordon Tullock & Cumulative Index (2004-2005)
Volume 1:  Virginia Political Economy
Volume 3:  The Organization of Inquiry
Volume 4:  Economics of Politics
Volume 5:  Rent-Seeking Society
Volume 6:  Bureaucracy
Volume 7:  Economics and Politics of Wealth Redistribution
Volume 8:  The Social Dilemma
Volume 9:  Law and Economics
Volume 10: Economics Without Frontiers

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